My Origin Story

My backstory in trying to replace my employer income using the internet

It was February 2009, we had just closed the books in January, for our 6th straight losing month. Not so bad for a first time manager / leader of people, this included an entire week with Zero incoming revenue (super special).

Then we looked at the open order report and had less than ⅓ the amount we needed for the people we employed. I started as General Manager of this family-owned manufacturing company in March, and in less than 1 year, my first official duty as a manager was let go of 50% of the workforce.

The day it happened, I remember staring at these 9 people, looking at them in the eye, but my throat is so tight I couldn’t swallow to get the words out. So, I start softly stammering all these excuses, and then I stopped and was completely silent. Slowly, I wiped my palms up and down my pants to wick away the sweat, but my fingers were ice cold. I took a deep breath and simply said, “We do not have enough work to keep all of you, and have not done what it takes on the sales end to win enough new projects”. For this reason, effective right now, we are letting you go.

That’s the first time I knew the power sales had on an organization.

The next day, I’m in my office is in the backroom of the shop, away from the foreman in kind of a long room. I was staring at my phone, then I’d stare at my call list. The only thought I had was, this sucked. I don’t want to bother people, I don’t want to waste their time. What would I even say if I got ahold of them?

Every time I picked up the phone my stomach would tense, and I would get stuffy. Most of the time, I would call, let it ring once or twice and hang up. The I would exhale with relieve that I didn’t have to leave a message. The thought just hits me over and over.

There has to be a better way to reach the people I want and get them to come to me asking for our service. If I can make that happen, I know I can close them on new work. But how?

That’s when I first bought the Never Cold Call Again book by Frank Rumbauskas. When I read it, it was like an explosion of possibilities went off in my head. So I read, and I studied and I tried none of them because I wasn’t able to connect the dots in my mind on how this would work for my situation. It was one of the first business books I read cover to cover.

Then, I stumbled into the 4-hour-work-week and that changed everything for me. I spent the next 6 years floundering at this game, all seeking the elusive make money online passion. But, I got fascinated with marketing and sales automation and how people would actually give you money online without me having to physically talk to them.

What Am I hoping to Accomplish?

My goal is to eliminate the need for being dependent on an employer in order to provide for my family by creating an independent income I control.

My Struggles

Currently, I’m trying to replace my current employer income all while improving myself and not sucking as a husband or father. But really, where I’m struggling is that I desperately want to provide an abundant life for my family so I won’t lose it like my dad lost his.

What was the wall or problem you hit within your current opportunity that started this new journey?

My salary is not dependent on me. I’m not a commissioned employee. Increases only come once a year and only if money is available. At that point, it’s not based on performance it’s based on a general allotment of money available that is handed down from corporate. This allotment is based on the discretion of my boss who is dealing with 20 other people just like me. I like my job, I like the people I work with.

However, I know the effort and success I have in the job does not align with the companies ability to compensate my value. Any success I create is simply just “Doing your Job Well, means you get to keep doing your job well”. Having a steady job is the reward… That only works until someone higher up decides it needs to be different. Thus a corporate salary or paycheck is not dependable long term. You will be downsized when it’s convenient for the company to do so. You are there for obligated to do something that minimizes this risk to your family.

What was the epiphany you experienced and new opportunity you discovered?

If I can get people to come through my funnel that like what I have to offer, they will buy it without me having to physically be there to sell it to them.

What was the plan you created to achieve your desire?

My plan was to join the one funnel away the challenge and physically perform every single task in the challenge before moving to the next thing. Basically, find a plan where you feel connected to the coach and follow their plan to a T. No Excuses.

What conflict did you experience along the way?

I am finding that much has to be sacrificed on this journey. Time with family and friends, TV and video games, and most of all sleep. Late nights combined with early mornings. I am finding I have to get over this feeling of guilt and shame of not being available for my family while trying to build something that can replace my employer income.

What was the end result you achieved?

I’m still working through my plan, but feel myself growing with confidence and a willingness to put myself out there without worrying about what other people think.

What was the transformation you experienced?

I’ve finally realized the secret is to create offers people want based on what is currently being sold. Not to copy, but to take ideas from and model. This is just good business and is so much easier to create without significant risk. The truth is, no matter what you produce it’s going to change while you work with your customers to create better offers they will enjoy. Then use a funnel to prove your idea.