Clean Code

Hi people, do you want to know about clean code? In this little space I will tell you about different concepts, why? Because I personally like to develop code in an orderly way and I would like to share some tips with you.

First, we need to know the concept of Bad Code.

What is Bad Code?

Bad code is when we write the code in a very disorderly and poorly descriptive way for the understanding of readers or yourself.

Now, as we know the concept of bad code, we will try to avoid generating it, following the clean code.

What is the clean code?

There are many concepts about the clean code, such as: “ Clean code is a code that is easy to understand and easy to change.”, small and interesting.

In addition, we have learnt the concept of bad code and clean code; however, how can we make the clean code? do yo know that?, neither do I, so I dedicate myself to search on internet and found some tips that I want to share with you:

Create representative names: -Make distinctions with meaning, -Names that can be searched and that can be pronounced.

Create functions: -Littles, -Just do one thing, -Don’t duplicate code, -Structured programming, -Use key names.

Comments: -Informative comments, -Comments that describe the function, -Comment on things to do, -Comments don’t make up for bad code.

I hope this little reading helps you in the introduction to be able to create a clean code, and I say goodbye with this phrase that I liked very much: “Comments don’t make up for bad code”.


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