How To Pass A Learner’s Permit Test

Anel Herrera
Feb 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Teens in Illinois may be granted a driver’s license as early as 16. However, in order to be eligible, teens must follow the guidelines by the state of Illinois. In order to get the process started, young drivers must pass their learner’s permit test.

The number of questions on a learner’s permit varies by state but the test is typically about 20 to 30 questions long. Here are a few tips to help pass the test on the first try.

Take a driver’s education class

Drivers under the age of 18 must be enrolled in a state-approved driver education course in order to apply for a learner’s permit. The driver’s education course must have 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of in-car driving time.

Study the Illinois driver’s manual

The best way to pass any test is to study and study some more. Pick up a copy of the Illinois driver’s manual at the local DMV or find a copy online. Study the book thoroughly, paying close attention to all the traffic signs and right-of-way rules. These are guaranteed to be on the learner’s permit test and are important to know when driving.

Take online practice tests

The are plenty of free practice learner’s permit tests available online. These tests will mark any wrong answers so you can go back and review your driver’s manual. Take as many practice tests as possible to get familiar with the testing process.

After passing the learner’s permit

Once teens are granted a learner’s permit, they can start practice driving hours with a parent or guardian. Teens must have at least 50 hours of practice driving, including10 hours at night, with their parents or another driver 21 years of age or older.

Parents should reach out to their car insurance company about when a student driver should be added to an existing policy. Remember to ask for good student discounts and re-shop your car insurance policy if your premium increases significantly by adding a young driver.

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