Why You See The Most Growth In The Post-Honeymoon Phase

Reading is only one-half of the puzzle.

The other half is personal experience.

You can read all the relationship books you want, but that won’t amount to much unless you test yourself out in the real world.

I can now say seven months into a relationship that I’ve grown the most after the ‘honeymoon phase’.

The ‘honeymoon phase’ is where everything is hunky-dory with no disagreements.

However, the rubber doesn’t hit the road until after this phase.

Once you’ve both settled down a bit, you find out if you truly enjoy one another’s company. You find out if you encourage one another to be your best selves. You find out slowly if this thing has the legs to go the distance.

The arguments and disagreements reveal deeper aspects of ourselves. They bring out the best and worst in us.

Don’t assume you have the answers.

Listen, and be empathetic to his/her feelings.

Between temperaments and Love Languages and personality types, I thought I understood a lot about relationships.

But not until I experienced it all for myself.

Initially I was afraid. But no more.

You grow the most as an individual and as a couple after that new-relationship rush.

Don’t be afraid.

Being an adult is easy.

You will either pick each other up or tear each other down.

It’s a beautiful (and necessary) part of life.

Embrace it and move forward!

Here’s to another 7 months!