immigrants are starting small businesses, growing our economy, and making our communities and our country stronger
To young people who are undocumented: This is your country, too.
Hillary Clinton

And they are also committing crimes and end up in our jail systems (costed us 1.87 billion last year), straining our economy (special government aid and benefits), and even though many are less beneficial to the country when compared to European and other immigrants these people somehow get a free pass, and maybe this is okay and the compassionate thing to do but then make our immigration law universally consistent, and the path you offer one group of people we should offer to others. Additionally, because of the lack of security at border, on the way up and on American soil (look up the Arizona rape trees) women get raped each and every day it stays open. This shouldn’t be the price they pay, but liberals are content with it as it adds fuel in the form of legal and illegal votes up and down the ballot to the progressive causes that keep people dependent.