News’ Attempt to Attack Jimmy Kimmel.

Roy Moore and Jimmy Kimmel get into a Twitter war about one of Kimmel’s writers, Tony Barbieri, after he heckled Moore during a campaign rally that was held at a Christian church. Breitbart ( and Huffington Posts ( both decided this incident was worth reporting. However they both reported it in favor of a different person. The gatekeeper function was a strong aspect in how these stories were swayed one way over the other. One who read Breitbart would be left thinking Jimmy Kimmel is attacking Roy Moore for no reason and that Kimmel is also against Christian values. However after reading Huffington Post news story, one would think the complete opposite, that Kimmel did nothing wrong and Moore is using his Christianity to make Kimmel sound as the bad guy.

Breitbart Attack on Kimmel

The headline of Breitbart’s news story reads “Exclusive — -Roy Moore Campaign to Jimmy Kimmel: If You Want to ‘Mock our Christian values,’ ‘Come down here’ To Alabama To ‘Do it man’’. Before even reading the news article, this headline has given the perception that Kimmel is the one of wrongdoing. The source they choose to quote first in the story is, Drew Messer, one of Jimmy Kimmel’s writers for his show. He says, “Jimmy Kimmel and ‘Hollywood elite’ cross the line when they invade our Churches under a disguise and attempt to make mockery of our worship services.” Choosing to quote someone from Kimmel’s organization, saying something against Kimmel, is how Breitbart chose to get people to believe Kimmel is wrong in what he has done. If someone who would usually side with a particular person, says something for the opposing side, this will cause people to turn heads and make them think or second guess who they would usually agree with. Breitbart also chose to put more emphasis on this story, making it against Kimmel, with it having a length of eight pages and showing screenshots of all of Kimmel’s tweets towards Moore. But did not feel the need to include Moores negative tweets against Kimmel. These tweets make people believe Kimmel has nothing to argue because he is wrong. This gatekeeping is making this news story more in favor of Roy Moore than Jimmy Kimmel.

Huffington Post Bashes Moore’s Heckle on Kimmel

On the other hand, the headline for HuffPost was, “Roy Moore Tries, Fails to Heckle Jimmy Kimmel.” This headline automatically make gives the reader the idea that Moore failed to heckle Jimmy Kimmel because Kimmel did not do anything wrong. This could not be more opposite than the first impression Breitbart’s headline gives off. Huffington Post decided to first quote, Moore, and his bash on Kimmel. Moore’s tweet said, “come down here to alabama and do it man to man.” HuffPost deciding to quote Moore first is pushing their view that he is one who should not be talking and that he is the one who was wrong to start something with kimmel. This being the initial perception readers are getting makes them more bias to believe Kimmel is right. This is a very well done news story when when it comes to stacking the story and persuading readers to agree with Huffington Posts and their side of the story. Jimmy Kimmel did nothing wrong is what I believe from reading this news story.

So Who Won?

Overall, it makes sense that Breitbart and Huffington post took different sides on this controversy. Roy Moore is apart of the republican side and Jimmy Kimmel’s leans more towards the liberal side of politics. Therefor, making HuffPost choose Kimmel’s side over their opponents side our Moore simply because of their political differences. Breitbart is going to choose evidence that will go against their opponent and supporting evidence to go with Moore. And in this case they left out information on Moore maybe because they could not find evidence in support of him. While HuffPost used evidence to show how Kimmel did nothing wrong and used negative quotes from Moore. Whichever story the reader decides to read is going to give them a different perception of the story, their own views will also play a role in whether they will believe what they read or deny it. If only to read one article over another, the reader will be missing information that was shared in another article and avoided in the article they read. The only way to not have both perceptions of any story is to read both sides of the spectrum, but no matter what you read their will be some type of bias because it is being written by a human being.