Kubernetes x Endpoints x Let’s Encrypt

In the first part of this guide (which you can find here), we created our Hello World API on Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and got to the point where we can hit the API externally. As I mentioned in the previous post, this is a great start and is already enough for you to start experimenting with adding other services, capabilities and more. However, there are still a number of features that are worth adding before we consider this production-ready.

The next piece I want to cover in making our API is adding some traffic monitoring as well as setting…

Kubernetes x Endpoints x Let’s Encrypt

This article on Cloud-Native APIs was originally published on HighAlpha.com.

Over the last couple years, cloud native technology has evolved considerably and should be at the forefront of every engineering team’s mind. Tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and plenty of others have made managing services in the cloud much easier. These tools have enabled our team at High Alpha to effectively and efficiently deploy and manage our services at scale. However, due to its relevancy being more recent, there can still be a lack of documentation or tutorials going over more specific use cases—something we have encountered at High Alpha…

Part 1 of a series on the challenges of writing microservices



The inspiration and content for this blog series comes from our team’s (Project Charlotte at High Alpha) experience developing a system of microservices and the various challenges, complexities, and solutions we encountered along the way. Hopefully, this will give anyone else attempting to develop microservices some insight into what challenges they can expect, as well as some ways we have overcome them.

What’s the problem?

For a number of years now the trend of microservices has surged. It’s safe to say that this is a system architecture that will likely stay, and for good reasons. Microservices provide many benefits over its monolithic counterpart…

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