Drunk in Love

Sammy burst through the door and slammed it behind her in her husband’s face. She ran over to the couch, grabbed the closest book she could find, and started reading. Her husband, David, opened the door slowly and shut it behind him, barely making a sound.

“Sammy? Can we please talk about this?”

Sammy viciously turned the pages of her book, too fast for her to actually read them.

“The silent treatment? Come on, Sammy. You can do better than that. Just last week we had a conversation about being more confrontational with each other! We have to talk through our problems!” David sighed and walked over to where she was sitting.

“Sammy, please, I can explain…”

“You can explain?” Sammy’s shrill voice echoed throughout the room. She repeated herself, this time a little louder. “You can explain!?” She snapped her book closed and stood up to meet David’s eyes. David backed slowly away from her as she crept closer and closer, her face red hot and her blood boiling.

“You were drunk! You still are drunk! You told me two months ago that you would never drink again, and then today I get a call from a bartender asking me to pick you up because you’re too damn hammered to drive yourself!”

“Sammy, I had a rough day, and I just wanted to cool off.”

“By drowning yourself in alcohol?!”

“It just sort of happened. I don’t know how.”

“Oh, I’ll tell you how, David. You passed a bar on your way home from work and thought to yourself, hm, what’s more important to me: my marriage or my drinking. Oh, that’s right, my drinking!”

“It was a mistake! An honest mistake, okay? God, Sammy, you never let me make mistakes! Everything has to be perfect in your little world, but guess what? I’m not perfect! I’m an alcoholic! And alcoholics make mistakes!”

“I just can’t believe that after what you put me through last time, you decided to jump on that train again.”

“We worked through it last time! We talked through our problems, got a marriage counselor…”

“Yeah, that cost us a fortune! We almost lost our marriage because of your drinking! You are a filthy man, and I cannot believe I actually thought that you were going to change! When will I realize that people don’t change?!”

David inhaled quickly as his cheeks flushed bright red. His bulging eyes stared down at Sammy. His drunken anger was, evidently, overflowing.

“Sammy, I don’t want to get in a fight right now. Whenever I’m drunk the fights never end well, so, please, can we just resume this fight when I’m not drunk anymore?”

“You want… you want to resume this fight when it’s more convenient for you? When you know you won’t slap me across the face and beat me silly so you don’t have the feel the guilt you’ve felt for the last few weeks?! No! Okay, no! I’m done with being knocked around…”

“Dammit Sammy! I’ve apologized for that every moment of everyday for weeks okay! It was a mistake, and it happened one time!”

“There we go again, another mistake. Another mistake that is ruining our relationship and my life!”

Their faces were inches from each other and both of their eyes bugged out in anger. Finally, after a few moments of deafening silence, Sammy drew back.

“I’m done.” She said quietly and walked towards the door.

“You’re not done! You can’t be done! You’re married to me!”

“And obviously that was a big mistake.” She stood in the doorframe and looked at him with pity. After a few seconds, she closed the door behind her.

In his rage, David picked up a vase that sat on a table by the couch and chucked it at the door. It shattered instantly, but you could barely hear it breaking through David’s screams.

“You’ll regret this, Sammy!”