And(roid) it begins!

We have finally completed our first unit and are slowly yet surely becoming masters of Java! Our journey into the forest of Android Studio began earlier last week and already I have had many close encounters with crocodiles and quicksand. It has been a sort of difficult start, yet at the same time I was amazed to realize that I essentially have a good chunk of the knowledge one would need for programming an Android mobile application!

In a lecture last week, at the start of the class the instructor asked us to simply write some Java in IntelliJ that would print out specific letters depending on what range the number input fell in. I initially thought the instructor was just doing a quick Java/IntelliJ exercise to keep us on our feet since we had just completed a week of bootcamp prior to beginning Android. After successfully writing the code and putting it aside eager to start learning the new tools we would need to become Android developers, the instructor went through a lecture of how to essentially create and emulate mobile app actions within the new Android Studio IDE we access coders would eventually call our new home. With the help of an awesome TA and my partner, I was able to get the basic gist of how to create a basic application containing a button that would accept input and return a result.

Just as I was starting to question how exactly I would have the app perform an actual function, the TA and instructor both explained that using the Java code written earlier, we would simply copy and paste that code into a certain section within the app we had just constructed. At that point, I took two and two together and realized that I had essentially already written the program that the app would run, and after a few iterations my partner and I were able to successfully run the app on an emulator! The app was a very basic app for the most part that consisted of one screen view that took a text input from the user, a button which would be clicked after the text was input, and a textview below it that would display the corresponding grade letter of the number grade entered.

Despite our app being a pretty basic app compared to what exists in the Google Play store, I was blown away by being able to SEE how all the knowledge we developed in the previous two months and the little bit of Android we just learned allowed us to develop an actual mobile application. That moment of realization really hit me and I suddenly became even more excited as my brain began whirring and generating ideas of what other apps I would be able to create as we move through the next unit!

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