Get This Shit Off My Desk

The Internet is bursting with super specific tips about how to be productive, how to get things done. In my opinion you can get all sorts of stuff done with a six word phrase. “Get this shit, off my desk”. It’s simple and to the point, don’t you think? Now obviously it doesn’t have to be a literal desk. It can be your bedroom floor, the foyer of your house, where ever you find things sitting, piling up, not being taken care of. We’ve all done it. “I’m going to take this bag of old clothes to goodwill” and then it sits there, and sits there some more.

Why bother with life hacks or alleged tips shared by billionaires? Just get shit out of the way. Everyone has a to do list and everyone has stuff on it that we’ve been meaning to do but just don’t. Every morning, pick one thing to get done. not later, now. Before you go to work, before you step out the front door. Get one thing off your “desk” each day and notice the results, you’ll feel ten times more satisfied.

The only way this won’t work is if you have too many to do lists to deal with. A personal list (groceries, reorganize media cabinet, etc) and a professional list (schedule a meeting with Charles, update audience spreadsheet, etc) are all you really need. Write them down in a field notes journal, or type them in Clear, just get it all down and chip away at it day by day.

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