Women’s? Men’s? who cares?! So long as it’s empowering.

10 Items that should be at the top of your shopping list. At least if you’re a modern day man who is tired of the typical “men’s clothes”.

Tired of the basic, symmetric shirts that are consantly shoved down our throats? Shop the Rick Owens women’s section!

Maison Margiela’s luxurious satin silk track pants that feature buttons running up to the side of both hips. Unbutton most of them to look even more sensual and cozy and unleash your inner slut.

This large Maison Margiela carry all bag is almost as functional as it is attention grabbing!

Another fun Asymmetric top! Not from the women’s this time, but J. W. Anderson’s Loewe.

Bored of basic black blazers?! Shock crowds with this unfinished looking Maison Margiela blazer.

I feel like men’s watches are usually too big and too showy. But this timeless Chanel crocodile “boyfriend” watch which was intended to borrow from men’s but make somewhat feminine works fine for men too!

I hate chains too big like most rappers or too small, it’s girly but this Bvlgari Serpenti is just the right size! Also, it’s not too flamboyant and the snake symbol on it is very enticing!

Everyone knows that The row has the best fabrics. And this “Lennar” coat looks and feels even better in person. Luckily. it has no darts and fits very loosely so it might as well be men’s. A bit pricy but it’s worth every penny.

Too lazy to put on socks? Too fancy to wear flip flops? Then these Maison Margiela shoes are perfect.