How to Avoid Ignoring Someone That You Care & Love

Ignoring someone is painful !! When you ignore someone they know you are ignoring them !! So it’s wiser to tell them what bothers you and move on.

This may be simpler said than done. What about the cost of being honest? I guess we could then find out what is the root cause that has been the trigger for the act. At this point, you could then choose to talk it out and rationalise. But in the process, if you discover the person is intolerable then say it with the language that is appropriate for the situation.

Ignoring someone you care is harder and painful, if you have chosen to ignore since you have no other options, then think twice and do communicate and depart from each other and allow time to take its course.

But understand, not all relationship is meant to be maintained. Once you recognise that, it will be easier and you will not have the pain to ignore someone :)