In this tutorial, we are going to configure a Terraform Cloud account with Github and will be creating a few EC2 instances. This tutorial is not to explain how terraform works or its concepts. This is just to show you how terraform cloud can be configured with Github.

Let’s get started…


  1. AWS Account ( Basic understanding about How to create new IAM User and assign permissions)
  2. Basic knowledge about Terraform

Step 1: Create a Terraform Cloud Account

As of now, Terraform is offering below pricing models for account

  1. Free
  2. Team & Governance
  3. Business

In this tutorial, we will be using a Free account.

Create a new account using…

Remember writing macros in excel, well HoneyCode does the same thing but on steroid. In this blog, I will be building an application that will demonstrate the basic functionalities of Honeycode.

AWS Honeycode — This new fully-managed AWS service gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications without writing any code. It uses the familiar spreadsheet model such as XLS, CSV, and lets you get started in minutes. You just need a basic understanding of spreadsheets, its formulas, and how to work with data cells.

Is any kind of coding required? Well, No. But you should know…

Harshal Ahire

A passionate Software Engineer who ❤️ coding in javascript, python, building apps in react js, with docker, K8s, & the cloud. 🌐

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