My dream catch — 111.33 Lbs Blue Marlin

It was 3rd December last year, when we planned to hit continental shelf, the offshore waters of Arabian sea to hunt for Marlin and Giant Tunas. 
At around 12:00 midnight we left Mubarak Village, which is located 25 km away from hawks-bay. We were 3 senior anglers namely Adnan Hussain, M. Yousuf and myself, and 2 junior anglers namely Shahzain Hameed and Khizar Hameed (my sons) on one boat. However, we were accompanied by Aslam Memon and S. Mannan Bahadur on another boat, as usually whenever any team plans to hit continental shelf, they invite another team to accompany in 2nd boat and go together (called Sangaari, a backup support).

Since we had a long tiring day ahead, after settling down on the boat, we handed over the GPS after marking the targeted position to our boatmen and went to sleep. At around 6:00 am we woke up and found ourselves at 1.2.3. banana where we after offering fajar prayer, threw our lures in the water and started trolling. It was a great morning with calm sea. Our eyes were just looking for a pin of dolphins and tunas… and to our surprise, after only half an hour at a distance of only a few meters, we observed if the water was boiling, but no, it was not boiling but there were hundreds of dolphins, tunas and mahi mahi playing and jumping out of water.

This was a start and one of the best and exciting moments of the trip, when we landed our first 3 Tunas of reasonable sizes and weight…but the size and the catch we had planned was not caught yet. We kept trying and found another pin with giant tunas and marlins, but then we could only land 2 giant tunas weighing 48 and 38 kgs respectively.

After this, our hunt for marlin was not over. We kept trolling and after half an hour or so, finally at 10:42 am, a Blue Marlin bit my Zuker blue squirt which was tied to 80 lbs Daiwa monofilament line on my Shimano TLD-50 2 speed LRSA reel mounted on my Daiwa STK-24 rod . The first run of this monster after 3-4 jumps and tail-dancing was so long that in only a few seconds it dragged more than 100 meters of line non-stop even on full drag…but luckily, as I kept my line tight, the lure was hooked so well that this fish could not get rid off the sharp hook of my Zuker squirt in its mouth. Usually, when billfish is hooked, it starts running and jumping to get unhooked.

It was a tough fight but thanks to my 2 speed TLD-50 reel that I could play this big game very well with no such difficulty. I played exactly 13 minutes and 13 seconds and successfully landed my dream catch, which weighed 111.33 Lbs (50.5 Kgs).

The video of this full game will show you how excited we all were right from the moment it was hooked until it was landed on the boat.

In all, with this Blue Marlin, our teammate, M. Yousuf bhai landed 2 giant Tunas, weighing 48 Kg and 38 Kg each respectively. I caught 2 Tunas, which weighed approx 12 and 15 kg respectively and missed a few. My son Shahzain caught one Tuna of around 7 kg. The boat captain Adnan Hussain bhai caught 3 Tunas of around 12–18 kgs in weight.

Our boatmen were Dilboth and Qalandari Mama who stayed fully alert and vigil during the entire trip.

I thank all my teammates for their great support and encouragement in achieving this record as catching a billfish is every angler’s dream.

Click the below link to see more photos:

Photos and Videos Credit: Khizar Hameed Kath (Son)

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