The Forgotten War

In my country, a few high-handed people who have conquered my country for decades have made us think of our rights as dreams . Unfortunately they just remain dreams. As soon as we overcame fear and decided to stand up for our rights and take them back, they ruined the whole country and brought suffering and pain to everyone in Yemen.

Today, my country is collapsing. A war which was started by greedy racist people blinded by power. The war that has destroyed everything. It has destroyed the infrastructure of the country, made the economy collapse, paralyzed educational system, demolished the culture and the people are dying everywhere. Now, my country is politically isolated and dying slowly while the world is watching with silence. In the meantime, my people are fighting to have the most basic rights of living.

Schools have been turned into detention centers for Houthi fighters or military training camps. Parents keep their children at home anyway out of fear for their lives. In addition to the indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, the Houthi siege has caused severe shortages of fuel, water, food and medical supplies. An outbreak of dengue fever infected more than 3000 children.

Our fathers will tell you about how they struggle for food, water, and many life essentials, about how it’s painful to watch your children staying at home doing nothing because of the discontinuous schooling. Mothers will tell you about epidemics occurrence and how they don’t know how to protect their children from spreading diseases. You may cry when you hear prayers from people of all ages, especially old people asking God to help Yemen and the Yemeni people. You will find that innocent smile on the children`s faces when they tell you about how they miss their friends who died in the war or their friends who left the neighborhood with their families looking for a safer place.Children will tell you how they miss their schools which have been transformed into shelters for homeless people who lost their houses around the country because of the war.

To summarize what is happening in Yemen, Yemen was a fragile country under the rule of some selfish people, and now they are destroying everything and punishing all the Yemeni people just because they asked for a better life and asked to live as human beings.