No, I’m not like a human version of Just Eat

Recently, I posted my coworking and working café map to a facebook group called Barcelona Expats.
Very mundane topic you’d think? And you are absolutely right, why the need for a blog post to discuss a post in a facebook group. Hang on there.
To my surprise I was faced with a reaction I wasn’t expecting. People who know me well, people I’ve worked with in the past know that I don’t believe in giving to receive in return. I just believe in giving if I believe it will be useful or helpful, without expecting anything back. Even Gary Vaynerchuck agrees. And shouldn’t it how life should be?

Now, back to that reaction.

Soon after the post, I get the usual notifications, you know the notifications for likes and comments that we’re suckers for.
Got a few likes, one comment about how useful the map is *happy face*, and that one comment that got me like, ouch…

That comment was about someone “almost” questioning my motivations behind sharing that map. A simple question.

“Why did you do that /…/ This is super helpful, almost too good to be true. Do you have a sponsorship deal with these places? Are you like a human version of “Just Eat”?”

And I won’t lie, it got to me personally, as in I only had pure motivations sharing that link, why am I being questioned? Can’t I do something nice for the expats and migrants community in Barcelona without having my integrity questioned?
And I realised sadly that yes of course I can do it, but also I have to be ready to face these reactions because we are not in the care bears world as the French love to say (“On n’est pas chez les bisounours !”). And how sad is that, that our first reaction when being offered something for free is to think that something is expected in return?

Now, you could argue that the link I shared has another link to my site, so it’s hidden publicity. Well, I’m only giving myself credit for that map, but if they don’t want to check back my site in return, it’s fine! Plus, the site I’m running is mostly a blog now with free tips for digital nomads, I’m not even making any money out of it yet (ok ok I’m lying on that one, I’ve made 2.80€ so far with AdSense :-D)

Well I suppose the point I’d like to make is even in a world where you expect to pay for every service, consume everything, buy more and more, sometimes you can find links, that are helpful, useful, and free. And that’s all I wanted to do today, make someone’s life easier because my life has been made easier more than once by random acts of kindness, and free advice or links from other blogs.

Reading that comment again, I realized that maybe I’m the worst sales person in the planet, not seeing the opportunity of starting a leads based business model sending people to these cafés or referring nomads to travel agencies and selling coliving packages. Are these valid ideas? Of course they are and there are plenty of professionals doing that already and their maps are actually wayyyy better than mine (apps like Daysk or WorkFrom)!
Is this the type of business I want to do? No, I have other projects to develop Digital Nomads Media and referrals are not one of them 🙂

So, how about we start accepting that humans can be nice to each other?

Namasté xx

For the curious, full post below

Have you ever been faced with these reactions? How did you handle them? Let me know in the comments!

ps: that map got 66 clicks in an hour, maybe I’m missing something indeed…

This post was originally posted on on march 16

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