You’re more relaxed, you realize you didn’t need so much in the first place, you learn how to make do with less, and most importantly you’re way more creative and inventive with your work and funds.
The Death of the Monthly Salary
Ritika Bajaj

Thanks for this lovely article, it definitely stroke a chord with me as I’m in a similar situation as yours, I quit my 9–5 job over a year ago, and life has been different since, I’ve been living off 2 suitcases for the last 10 months, and I really don’t need more. A monthly salary encourages you to buy instead of saving to build a future, it encourages you to seek pleasures and enjoyments from material things, instead of looking inwards and expanding the mind and caring for the body.

I haven’t finished the Black Swan yet, I started reading it many years ago, but your article makes me want to go back to it, maybe I wasn’t ready at that time :)

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