Being strong does not mean being a fortress and it takes more courage to open the gates to welcome the good and the bad, than it does to guard and protect ourselves.
Seek softness, not performance
Natalia Niznik

Thanks so much Natalia for this beautifully written piece, and being ex Googler who chose to pursue something else, something more meaningful to me, I can relate to it on so many levels.

As I say jokingly, I’m much poorer, but much happier and my body is thanking me for it. I’ve lost the accumulated weight over the years, I sleep better, laugh much more and build healthier relationships with the people around me. Same as you, yoga helped me a lot, writing has been cathartic and also forgiveness, forgiving myself and others. Fundamentally, we’re just humans doing the best we can with what we have everyday, and my new mantra is “Everything is exactly as it should be”.

It took a lot of courage to share openly and I commend you for that, I’m sure you’re going to help a lot of people with that piece.

You’re awesome and perfect just the way you are and I love you for it ;-)

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