Desiigner’s 2nd Hit Record

[Edit (7/21/16): The official Tiimmy Turner was released today.]

Eduardo just put a beat to the XXL Desiigner acapella, and it’s one of the best songs of the year.

Who is Eduardo? Just a dude, man. Few hundred twitter followers. Responds with “thank you” to most his Twitter complements. Seems like a nice guy. His version got attention when he responded with, “here’s a trap version to that spiritual,” to some guy named Shamar who said it “sounds like a modern day Negro Spiritual.” Here’s the tweet with Desiigner’s acapella:

African American Spirituals we’re spawned by Southern slavery. They are American folk music, which is rooted in the American South and Appalachia. American folk is looked to by some as the basis for American music like rock & roll, R&B, and jazz. These genres of course are the branches beneath the branches of rap and hip hop, which would kind of make Desiigner the tree blossom of America.

I doubt this was Kanye’s thought-process that went into presenting Desiigner — the 19-year-old who shares a birthplace with hip hop, who came into this world 16 days after Biggie left it, who speaks with a combination of every American accent ever — to the world. I doubt Kanye thought,

Desiigner: the full-circle of American music personified

but it does fit nicely into that creative genius narrative (as does the Famous video).

Amateur producers across the world are making their versions of Tiimmy Turner — which is always a good thing— but there’s no point in waiting. The genius move for Kanye is to make Eduardo’s first hit Desiigner’s second. Eduardo! How can you be that good?!