Rythmical Solutions Evolution

I was working with one of the esteemed organization post completing my graduation in HR Domain. We were consistently looking for the right people for our organization and it was getting very difficult to source the right candidate , we had tie ups with many other recruitment firms to do the need full.

But there was something missing ,there was a gap . The ratio of successful hiring was only 1:10 and also with no guarantee of that source actually joining the organization. But still that was not the major problem. Major problem was the ratio of successful hiring with the once being sourced.

I was keenly observing this as we were not getting the right candidate ,although all the recruitment agencies were filtering the candidates with the specified keywords on the job portals before actually sourcing them. But still there were ample rejections and this was wasting time of both interviewer, interviewee, organization and recruitment agencies.

What could have been done when people working with right moto and right way but actually not able to convert into a successful hire. There was something missing. My Husband is Software engineer working with one of the esteemed organization . We used to daily discuss this and at the end of the conversation we always concluded by saying that recruitment agencies should adopt to some technology to filter the right profile rather then just filtering based on keywords. So one fine day i decided to start my own firm with the help of my husband using technology as the main to filter the right candidate and here we are!!

We bind both manual filtering and filtering through technology to get the right resource for the organization. We assure you that successful hiring ratio will be improved by three fold at-least. We are open to tie up with your esteemed organization for your hiring needs. Please get in touch with us to understand how we work and how we source the right candidate.

Note:This content is posted by Rythmical Team on behalf of our director @SurjeetKaur.


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