VR Puzzler Game (Udacity 4th Project)

This project is a “Simon Says” game set in a dungeon. There are five orbs that must be selected to match the pattern in order to exit the dungeon.

Game play

Design Process:

 Developing this persona enabled me to think more about what my target audience is looking for in a VR experience.

Mohammed is a 40 years old Engineer, who is interested in new technologies and has recently discovered the world of VR!, he is excited to try this Game on his smartphone, he likes horror movies.

Sketches helped me to visualize the game before even start working.

UI logic
Game Logic

Story of the process:

At first I started building up the house and then checked for the scale from user testing, I had to update it to be more realistic. Then I tried to create a terrain around the house(as appear below) but it seemed to be annoying so I removed it. Last thing to talk about is the light, it was hard to design a lighting system including the dungeon and the torches to be scary and mysterious, after several tries it worked.

Trying to create a terrain to improve the scene

User Testing:

The first user test was to ask about his first impression and about how tall he think he is. The experience was positive except that the scene was almost empty and he felt to be a little bit short in the environment.

Empty scene
Unfinished outside view

My second user test was about the difficulty of looking around the scene. The experience was positive. The second question was about if he faced any difficulty to understand the game. The answer was that he didn’t understand when he wins or loses so I added sound effect to give impression about how well he is doing solving the puzzle.

Final Output:

This is the starting scene of the game where you need to hit start button to enter the playing area to solve the puzzle.

Start of the game

Here, inside the house you need to focus to recognize and memorize the pattern which the dungeons follow and repeat it inorder to reach the final part of the game.

Solving the puzzle

This the end of the game, you can restart again by hitting the play again button.

End of the game

Conclusion and next Step:

Finally I can see that the project works as expected(images above), and for me it was a great experience that I learned a lot from. My Next step is to use the gained experience in more creative VR projects.