Practicing Happiness to boost your success

“A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day”

It is essential that every person learns to be happy; especially in our current global community and its pressures. Satisfaction has been described by many as medicine to the soul. Also will have to admit that people perform at their best on days on which they are happy and sluggish on the days they are sad. Sadness seems to have a way it drains one of the energy required for effectiveness and one reason of sadness is negative thoughts.

If I look back into my life then I realize that how big a negative thinker I was even I am now. Whenever I started a work I always encountered the negative thought like to this this work letter and play. Same thought kept their impact and it became a habit which I don’t even realize. These habits lead me toward sadness as I would not able to complete my task on time. But I knew this is something that can be changed.

It’s true that negative thoughts are uninvited. So we must learn to overcome it. We can overcome it by practicing some steps suggested by Shawn Anchor. I would like to add here 2 of 5 steps which I have practiced with week. They are:


Random Acts of Kindness

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. We must write down 4–5 things that we are grateful each day and when we express gratitude, suddenly we fell less alone. Random acts of kindness are also helpful in boosting happiness. Kindness can lead us wherever we want to go. Kindness is important because it broadens life’s frame. I will keep practicing above steps.

Be happy. You need it for achieving you dreams.

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