Physical Education Course: Benefits and Consequences

With the evolution and development of sports and its studies, the Lebanese American University is taking an important step towards developing physical education in the university.

Sport has been practiced long time ago from the days of ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, Greece, and Persia. It has been more organized and developed since conducting studies and building theories and methods about its performance and its benefits to human health.

LAU organizes a mini football tournament between high schools. Photo taken by Ahmad Karakira

With the help of its athletic department, LAU is in the process of thinking of introducing a B.A or a minor in physical education, according to Coach Sami Garabedian, the director of the department.

For believing in the importance of sports and its positive effect on students’ helath, the physical education course, according to Garabedian, was introduced long time ago, when the university was still called the American Junior College for Women in 1927 and Beiut University College back in 1973.

LAU offers a number of athletic facilities. Photo taken by Ahmad Karakira

Garabdeian revealed that the idea of introducing a B.A or a minor in physical education at LAU was proposed by him about 10 years ago.

“One of my future plans along with the department of education is to introduce something of this sort,” said Garabedian. “In Lebanon there are only four universities that offer physical education, which are NDU, University of Balamand, Antonine University, and the Lebabese University.”

LAU offers a number of athletic facilities. Photo taken by Ahmad Karakira

The director of the athletic department revealed that the idea was proposed by him about 10 years ago, but because it is a long process, it cannot be done overnight.

“Although we’d love to have a physical education program, but as every other university, LAU has its priorities of other majors more important than physical education.”

Garabedian assured that the department is not going to give up on this plan and that it’s going to work hard with the help of the department of education to first introduce a minor in physical education, which is more attainable for students from different majors that are also interested in sports.

The coach didn’t hide his forwardness for introducing this program since he thinks that it’s “inconceivable” for LAU not to have a major in physical education.

Although the idea is not on the top of LAU’s priorities, but Garabedian is positive that someday this would change, especially after LAU President Joseph Jabbra and the LAU community laid the foundation stone of the new athletic center in Byblos campus.