“Love for humanity is key to success”

“Life is short for love I think how people have time for hate ”
 As from the beginning of this universe love was the only thing that exists because we don’t need to learn how to love, a kid loves every one this is us who teaches him hate towards specific people.Every soul wants love ,care and attention. As birds was made to fly, fishes was made to swim in water human beings were made to love and to be loved.

Loving and caring is the easiest way to win hearts of people. It’s our moral duty to love and care about people around us, people who are linked with us despite of caste creed and culture they belong.Humanism is above all religions . As if you want to be loved you should love first. You should talk less and hear more , care about other’s feeling. We should learn how to love from dog as he love his owner without any profit, love without any cause love others and spread happiness.

There is huge gape between being interesting and being interested.Being interesting means you are self confined person who only care about the his feelings and emotions.Humans should not be self centered.Being interested means you care about about others first.As were grow old we forget the skill of loving others and caring about others.
 Moving towards professional or personal life caring about people is important .If care about others people will automatically love you. Your job your business is all linked with how you treat people.As our religion Islam told us be kind even to your slaves and give them what you eat and don’t over burden them with work. Love is not only confined to human but for animals also.If you know how to love you are not going to fail in any field of life because this World is filled with self confined people and humanity lovers are in small range be a lover first to success love your organization ,people around you your colleagues your customers love them and in return they will give you more love.
 Personal experience regarding the scenario is as, i was assigned with a task from Amal academy to approach my friends to get experience that how people react when we care about them and I was really shocked on this actually some of my close friends was asking me are you fine you never asked about us and I was a bit ashamed on myself People responded politely to me when i asked about them every was excited to talk to me. Starting from my family I went in to my dad’s room talked with him about his health about his problems we kept talking for almost 2 hours and I was amazed to see how happy was my father.Love is nothing but feeling happiness when others laugh. I talked with my teachers and even with people with whom i haven’t talked since last three or four years,it was very pleasant experience and i feel the warmth of love coming from other side when i cared about my friends. Life is a lot more interesting and joy able if you are interested in the people and the places around you.

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