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Behavioral Science

Made the wrong order .. no problem !

Transform International English layout into US English

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A Guide To Tidy Up Your Slack When Things Go Crazy !

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A gentle preface of the Web 3.0 movement

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Guidelines to help you and your team cut through the noise

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  • Make good use of the slack status: Make sure you use the slack status which will show a custom message and an icon to indicate what you are up to. There are a bunch of default statuses that can be used (Working form home, Vacationing, Sick, Working Remotely and In a meeting). Setting up a slack status is helpful in addition to personally notifying your team and manager of your status.
  • Praise publicly, criticise privately
  • Know the difference between @here and @channel: The @here command lets you grab the attention of team members in a channel who are currently active…

Making Digital Ocean, Jekyll, Github and TravisCI All Work

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