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With the Coronavirus epidemic having an unprecedented impact on education, Springer Nature is launching a global program to support learning and teaching at higher education institutions worldwide. Remote access to educational resources has become essential. …

Made the wrong order .. no problem !

Transform International English layout into US English

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If you were like me and had the unfortunate event of ordering the wrong keyboard layout for your new and expensive MacBook Pro, and you just have years of muscle memory built on your favourite keyboard layout, there is hope!

For me, the problem was not very dramatic, I got…

A Guide To Tidy Up Your Slack When Things Go Crazy !

Slack is a great tool and can act as a single sink for a lot of our notifications. However, Slack can be easily abused and very often people get carried away with creating tons of channels. …

A gentle preface of the Web 3.0 movement

In the same way that Web 1.0 abstracted away the network and physical layers, the Semantic Web abstracts away the document and application layers involved in the exchange of information. The Semantic Web connects facts, so that rather than linking to a specific document or application

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The model behind the…

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Completing a PhD can be a hell of a task. It took me lots of time to be able to come up with a framework that optimises how i do research and how i write and publish my research. This post discusses some of the tools and techniques i used…

Guidelines to help you and your team cut through the noise

  • Make good use of the slack status: Make sure you use the slack status which will show a custom message and an icon to indicate what you are up to. There are a bunch of default statuses that can be used (Working form home, Vacationing, Sick, Working Remotely and In…

Making Digital Ocean, Jekyll, Github and TravisCI All Work

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Having open sourced my blog on Github, deploying a new version of it live happens very often, and to do that manually every time is a daunting task. …


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