LLC “National Center for Medical Technologies” is one of the leading manufacturers of gel-based implants which are injected under the skin. This organization functions under the names of such branded firms as:


Our company products are exported to South America, Asia and the East. Our product is one of the few products which are in demand in the European market.

In 2015, the trendy brand Akvalift was renamed into Aktivgel. It is worth noting that all products produced by our company comply with high medical standards.

Buying activegel means embarking on the road towards to a new active life position. This is a completely new regeneration and a kind of implantation thanks to which you can achieve stunning results.

Hydrophilic gel is universal. With its help you can even get rid of stress, because having restored your appearance you will like yourself even more. It complies with all medical and biological standards. All indicators have been checked and confirmed by an international institute of beauty and health.

Hydrogel is a new step towards beauty in modern life. Indeed, thanks to it the effect of youth is retained for a long time. If you applying this product, for 5 years you will not have to worry about loss of attractiveness and perfection.
You can buy Activegel on this site. The manufacturer guarantees that the price will fully correspond to the quality of the product and you will not have to overpay. Do you want to buy a high-quality product? Write or call us, and we will consult you and help you make a choice!

The Hydrophilic implant advantages are as follows:

  • 100% positive result.
  • Environmental friendliness of ingredients.
  • Simplicity of use without surgery.
  • The bio-implant helium base does not dissolve under the skin and retains necessary shape for a long time. To date, this is the best new method that will allow you to regain youth and preserve it for a long time.
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