Five Epic Concert Fails You Should Know About

Even the biggest stars fall down sometime, and the worst time that they could possibly fall down is during a concert, in front of the shocked eyes of their adoring fans. 
 Because let’s face it- a concert is chaos carefully organized and choreographed. One wrong thing, one misstep, and the whole thing can fall down like a house of cards. This is the reason why roles like event managers and concert production coordinators exist- they make concerts run as smoothly and safely as possible.
 Still, accidents and bad things do happen, and some of them are caused by the artists- or even the concert managers/producers/staff- themselves. Here are a few epic examples:
 Concert Cancellation Due to Bird Poop
 Concerts being canceled due to inclement weather is not that unheard of, especially if the event is going to be held in an open area like a park or stadium. However, cancellation due to bird poop? It’s something that you would expect from a modern bizarro fantasy novel. 
 However, the attack of the pooping birds really did happen to American rock band Kings of Leon during a 2010 concert in St. Louis, Missouri. After just three songs (and some of the poop landing in the bassist’s mouth), the Kings of Leon guys finally called it quits and abandoned their set. 
 Vanishing Pig
 This is really not an “epic fail” in the strictest definition of the term, but rather a strange one. During Coachella 2008, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters released a floating pro-Obama pig into the skies (this was done during a performance of the song “Pigs”) as a gesture of support for the presidentiable. The pig floated away from sight, and was thought to be missing forever.

However, Waters seem to like his floating pig a lot and paid the owners of the driveways where the pig was found a whopping $10,000 reward. A pretty nice deal if you woke up one morning and just saw a deflated pig outside your house. 
 Justin Bieber Throws Up
 Justin Bieber has earned himself a not-so-sterling bad boy reputation over the years, and this particular incident just cemented this view in the public’s eye. In September 2012, the Love Yourself singer threw up in a concert in Arizona. We get it, touring is hard, and he later blamed this incident due to him drinking spoiled milk. However, what left most fans disappointed is the fact that his vocals continued to play on despite him not being on the stage anymore. 
 Metallica Guitarist Burns
 This might be an old one, but no write up or music gear review can cover up the fact that James Hetfield (aka the guitarist of Metallica) was set on fire during the Guns N’ Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour in 1992. This was due to pyrotechnics gone bad. 
 Fyre Festival Sets Itself on Fire, Relatively-Speaking
 This happened only this April 2017. Fyre Festival is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t trust your money to trust fund kids with a past of shady business deals. Produced by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, Fyre Festival promised festival-goers an epic time on a private island with concerts and activities left and right.

Suffice to say, despite spending thousands on a ticket, most of the festival-goers didn’t get what they paid for and came to the Bahamas to an almost empty and desolate festival ground.

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