Kickstarter Campaign to Reunite the Global Community Through Music

It has been said that music restores the lost voice of love. Would you like to become part of a modern movement that aims to promote the Arts whilst uniting Eastern and Western cultures?

Learn more about the Rumi Music Healing Project

Over the last few years a great divide between cultures have become amplified.

Shervin Boloorian aims to provide a release and resolution from these immense pressures and connect us once again through music, a channel that clearly transcends culture barriers.

A Western-raised Iranian born refugee, Shervin has achieved a widespread international recognition as a Sound Therapist and vocalist. He provides healing and transformation through his music and the forthcoming album One with the Beloved. The Iranian, Sufi inspired album aims to bridge the current divide between cultures during this time of adversity and separation. You can download a free complimentary song to become inspired here

We invite you to support this amazing project by donating to our Kickstarter campaign and thank you for joining us in reconnecting our global community through, love, music and mutual respect.

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