Mobile Security Encryption Device — Phatberry’s Encryption

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Phatberry’s is a Sydney based company, originally a reseller for a Canadian company.Phatberrys specialize in encrypted solutions that solve business problems. later the company expanded and branched out to be independent of its canadian counterparts. Phatberry’s provides a number of services such as; Mobile data management to BES Installation to security consulting. Our services include BlackBerry PGP, Samsung Knox, Secu Smart and BES Sim Cards & data transition.

Phatberry’s encrypted phones is used for both personal and professional uses, in this day and age we live in when data theft is becoming normal everyday obstacle Privacy in our lives is an essential tool so protect your data stay encrypted.Phatberry’s Blackberry is the top of the line when it comes to privacy, making sure that we provide elite privacy to our clients. PGP is a proven encryption technique Phatberrys has complied with all australian standards and there is know fear of your service being shut down overnight. Phatberrys has been operating for over seven years with not one single breach in data advantages of having a phatberrys enterprise phone for security are endless when it comes to your privacy.

Privacy is freedom at phatberrys We have an easy and smooth platforms available for all your corporate needs we understand that in today’s corporation’s data containment must be secured at the highest level with no exceptions from 3rd parties whether it’s a competitor or hackers at phatberrys we take your company’s data commutation very seriously like no other . Our handsets whether it’s blackberry or android we can secure them at a government level with state of art nato grade encryption security for your company’s needs our handsets laptops are easy to use, cost effective and best of all will keep all your company data encrypted and secure even from such government organizations as the NSA. We only use government grade solution design, uses tls, mime srtp aes ecc for authentication and strong end to end encryption, enabling worry free communication for your organization send all your company documents, pictures, videos through our protected encrypted network using the latest in encryption. Phatberry’s will look after your corporate needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year enter the revolution of data security.

The standard mobile phone we generally use is frankly an extremely insecure technique of transmitting information. Wireless communication from a mobile device, like Android , is much more vulnerable without extra layers of security for every possible action. Messages, calls, and even text messages can be easily intercepted as they are not encrypted automatically before they are transmitted.

They are transmitted as readable text, or clear audio and any third party government, hacker, anyone- can go through your mail, text, or even phone calls videos documents which can be and are often intercepted, even worse without the knowledge of both the recipient and sender. File attachments like photos are also transmitted unencrypted when sent from any mobile device without the layers of security we can provide your Corporation with our unhackable devices that have been proven and tested.

Certified Offshore large scale infrastructure. (Servers are in Iceland and Switzerland)

Servers are not in located in United states, Canada, or the Netherlands for maximum privacy & security.

Free unlimited support 24/7 -365 days per year which is included:

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  • Free secure wipe if phone is lost or stolen just by emailing or calling us.
  • Generate your own Key Passwords, store photos and take pictures that are also locked and encrypted with PGP /MIME technology allowing any attachment to be attached and secured with a PGP/MIME which is much stronger than S/MIME alone. S/MIME should always be encoded with PGP ECC or PGP AES
  • Our Infrastructure — (Blackberry Enterprise Server 12.4)
  • My BlackBerry devices are all connected to dedicated BES servers. This implies that the protocols set on the BlackBerry devices are designed for full protection. It is by no means possible to intercept or decrypt any data coming from our handsets.
  • Uncompromised Security
  • Client Anonymity
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Private Closed-Loop Network
  • & also open loop network
  • Unlimited Roaming
  • Secure Offshore Servers
  • 24-Hour Technical Support
  • Wipe Your Device Remotely
  • Automatic 3G/4G Network Connection