Will Hollywood and the Media Overlook Harvey Weinstein?

The women that are accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault continue to increase daily. There are a number of allegations including Italian actress Asia Argento who accused him of rape at the age of 21. British actress Lysette Anthony says the Weinstein raped her in her London home in the late 80’s. Additionally, famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow said that she was asked to go to his hotel room, get intimate, and even give him a massage. Paltrow quickly refuse, feeling scared and violated. Similarly, Angelina Jolie was victim to unwanted advances by Weinstein in the late 90’s. Throughout the years, Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior continued and it is finally catching up to him. His accusers have reached over 40 women now. Currently, he is likely petrified for his career which is stained in the Hollywood network, and online.

Often times, the media find an issue and saturate new reports on that subject for days or weeks. Do we hear about Bill Cosby anymore? Not as much… Will this be the case with Harvey Weinstein? Many of his accusers and feminists around the world are terrified that his will be the case. Although the media and people may forget, lose interest, search engines remains the only source that will remind people about these individuals. When their names, Cosby and Weinstein, are searched in the search engine, they cannot hide or pretend that all these accusations never happened. Weinstein is currently working with an PR Agency and ORM Agencies to do damage control on these many medias that are ruining his online and offline reputation. The reality is that he is the one that ruined his reputation by misconducting himself his whole career, assuming he was untouchable.

Actress Ashley Judd said to CNN and Times, confirmed by her publicist that: “Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly”. The issue that rose with Cosby is that many of his allegations could not be taking into consideration because of the “grandfather” rule; it had been too long after the cases for the court to be able to use those testimonies as valid evidence. It is in part the same reason why the OJ Simpson double murder case cannot be reopened. In simple terms, if courts keep reopening cases from decades ago (and using evidence/testimonies from years ago) would anything ever get solved? One thing is for sure, the search engines will haunt him. His online reputation has been forever damaged and the accusers will not stop until his social reputation has equally been permanently damaged.

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