I know that they love me but afterwards, they were desperate to “fix me.” I could see it tear my Mum apart especially; she just didn’t know what to say or do around me. None of them did, and that was exactly what I had feared initially. It was a lose/lose situation.
“I had no ingenious revelations, only a huge sadness.”
Roisin McDonnell

this portion perfectly describes how I felt after revealing to my parents just how depressed I was while I was away in Uni. I told them in April, it’s November now. I don’t blame them for trying, but I still figured it’d be best for everyone not to push me into a corner in a process of trying to fix me. I’m afraid that I will just snap at someone I really care about. Which leads to your last sentence in this paragraph, it truly is a lose/lose situation.

But I’m getting better all the time so that’s a relief. I don’t quite know your whole story but thank you for your beautiful writing. It’s moved me in a way I couldn’t explain.

My best wishes to you, Roisin :)