The fact that you ARE black Americans is a legacy of slavery.
Rich Tyrell

America is our HOME! We are unequivocally Americans, from blood, to culture, to body. We have no choice but to be Americans. We aren’t African, and the author never suggested that we were more African than American. There is no going “back” to Africa. Our blood, sweat and tears are mixed in the soil of America and we aren’t giving that up. (Nice try, dude). However, we can, and have and will continue, to resist the last holds that the slave master has over our bodies, our will and our future. The name of a slave master is nothing to be proud of, and in the land of the free it is an affront to our real legacy as Americans. Which is why your comment is so ironic given that the author of this piece is suggesting that Black Americans sever their remaining links with our slave heritage. Yet, somehow you have taken offense to this suggestion. If we are to “get over it” and to “stop feeling it” what better way to do that than to change one thing that reminds us of our slave heritage: Our surnames.

The truth is, there is no way to escape our heritage just as the Irish Americans (Who take every opportunity to celebrate and obsess over their Irish heritage. Like, why do they celebrate St. Patricks Day? One wonders why they don’t go back to the emerald isle. Bogs the mind) can’t escape theirs. We can move on, on our terms, not that of white peoples,but we will never forget.