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Ahmad K Mozaffar
Feb 5, 2019 · 4 min read

The only consistent thing on the earth is changing, through the history everyday humanity is developed, Education is one of the main parts in the development process of the humans and our earth, in fact we have done a great job in developing and making an easy life, and we are still doing well to make our planet a better place to live, but unfortunately in each step we take towards a wonderful future we produce another problems that we must take care of quickly especially in the 21th century, in which the development process becomes so fast.

Education stage before 1945 and after:

Education always consists of two main parts, teachers and students, in the previous century and before teachers, scientists and professors did a great achievements that led us to put the basics of the most today unbelievable invitations that totally changed our life, in that time schools and universities were the fundamentals of each society, they did a great job to raising people and made them able to handle the earth challenges very well, another advantage in that time was in the education of students was in line with the real world business and working life after study.

Latest version of life is totally different than the previous one that we talked about in the last section, after 1945 computers have seen the life for the first time and technology science has been launched and sophisticated generation of civilization also started to take its shape, in the 1980s and after from the last century, the magic happened in all fields of life and the sport version of development has been introduced, things stared to advance in a very fast way, data became everywhere for everyone, humanity has done a great efforts in everything such as (Architecture, Computer Science, Medicine, Manufacturing…etc.). Now we can see buildings with more than 800 meters in the sky, cars with a more than 400 Km/h as a top speed, Satellites that can observe the earth in each moment and too many other things you can see and deal with every moment.
On the other hand, Schools and Universities are still the same and the way of education have not changed so much, which led to tons of problems in most countries, I will mention later in this article.

Nowadays entrepreneurs. brands and agencies are shaping the wonderful future we are looking for, but universities and grades still determine the future of students in an old fashion, that makes the value of each student as a simple number, and even this silly number students have to work very hard to pass exams for more than 16–18 years to get it, in the same time that companies working on very interesting inventions rapidly. in the next section, I will take about the problems of this method in teaching and preparing people to face the greatest challenges ever.

Problems of the current education system:
Today’s schools and universities are very slow if we compare them with the real world problems and solutions that the companies are working on,
For example: to become a mechanical engineer you need a good marks in high schools and at least 4 years of studying bachelors degree, by the time you register in the university to get your degree, Tesla as an example creates a new series of electric cars, and until you graduate maybe Tesla will finish working on the 4th generation of their cars, and after you get your degree you have to train in one of the companies for a while to be able to get hired, because your education is not well suitable with the real world complicated scenarios.
Another thing to mention is nowadays, we have more specializations and majors that needs people to unleash their potential than before but traditional way of education makes all the students to be the same, studying at the same classes, the same subjects, with the same materials, actually this way leads to less creativity and talents.

From my own perspective, we have to rethink again about the current education system, and make the required changes, universities do not have the ability today to measure students, determine their future and qualify them to the current business world, on the other hand companies now have this ability we are talking about for example Microsoft can define if this person has the right skills to become a software engineer more than Harvard university, and Tesla can determine if this person has the skills as an electrical or mechanical engineer more than Cambridge university, Adobe can say if you are a good graphic designer more than any other place, Emmar also can say if you are a great architecture or civil engineer.

That is does not mean we have to cancel the universities which have done a lot for the modern science but we have to create a totally new system not based on exams and grades, and related to the brands and companies that these universities are qualifying these students to work at, and here is the question for the next decade (2020–2030), What is this new system and how we should start?

Ahmad K Mozaffar

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Full stack .NET Developer, MCSD, MCSA, MCP, Trainer, Microsoft Geek

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