The Best Player Dosen’t Always Win Survivor

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Have you ever felt that on some seasons on survivor after the winner was revealed that there were other players who deserved the title more?

Well you’re right. The best player isnt always the winner. Of course while its hard to deny winners like Rob Mariano, Tony Vlachos and Kim Spradlin were the most deserving to win in their respective seasons, this isnt always the case.

Of course you can argue that

If the player won, of course they deserve it the most. After all, only 1 player wins

This arguement makes sense and is a valid one. But survivor dosen’t work in a way that that arguement can be justified. Its not like there are 20 players from start to finish and no one goes home and in the end everyone decides who deserves the title the most. If that was the case Survivor would have never survived as long as it did.

Every episode, someone is voted out. Someone can be ANYONE. Dosent matter who. So long as they arent immune it can be them. In theory this means everyone has an equal chance to win. And in the early seasons this is true but less likely in more recent ones. This has caused great players to be voted out before not-so-great ones.

Need examples? Compre these players

  1. Tony Vlachos and Caleb Reynolds
  2. Hayden Moss and Gervase Peterson
  3. Reynold Toepher and Sherri Biethman
  4. Josh Canfield and Wes Nale

I think I proved my point.

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(Just a note, I like Wes as a person and his personality but he isnt a great survivor player)

A very good example of when people felt there was a more deserving winner was in Survivor Kaoh Rong where Michele Fitzgerald won the season and caused an uproar with many people arguing that Aubry Bracco deserved the title more.

To me, everyone who makes it to the Final Tribal Council deserves to win for one reason or another. But I do agree that some players deserve the title more than others. And editing can alter what you see on TV and what was actually going on on the Island. So for all we know, Michele was way more deserving than Aubry was. But we wouldn’t know for sure.

And also another point is,

What defines a deserving winner?

Ask 100 superfans of survivor and you will likely get a variety of different answers. Even if you asked 100 people who played survivor, you wont get many of them saying the same thing. Some people will say the person with the best strategy while others will say the most socialable person and some including me will say someone who is all rounded in both aspects. Some may argue physical strength too.

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And also who decides on the winner at the end of the season?

The Jury!

The jury, made up of 7–10 players, each vote on who they feel should be the winner. Thats at least 7 different prespectives on who is deserving of being crowned the winner. I highly doubt any 2 players on the same jury can fully 100% agree on the player they wanna see win and why. Sure they all believe that they are voting for the best player individually but collectively it isnt always the case.

With the exception of winners who won unanimously such as Earl Cole, JT Thomas, John Cochran, Jeremy Collins and Adam Klein, there have been disagreements on who deserved to win amongst the jury. Some of which was just one out of the entire jury usually due to a bitterness or wanting to distinguish that player as the first runner up but in some seasons like most recently Game Changers, it was a 7–3 vote. Which leaves room for arguement that Brad Culpepper is the more deserving player to win in that season.

But there are another group of people who you could argue deserves the title more. Who are these people?

The ones who didn’t make it to the Final Tribal Council

They didn’t win simply because they didn’t make it to the final tribal council. Some of them were voted out just prior to the final tribal council while others may have been voted out earlier on. A good example is Millenials vs Gen X where David Wright was voted out and missed it by one day. Had he not been voted out, I gurantee he would have won the game. Adam was a deserving winner but David was one too. Who deserved it more? Thats up to you to decide

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This isn’t an uncommon pheonomeon. Seasons such as Blood vs Water, Second Chance, South Pacific have had jury members who you can argue deserved it more. And thats just 3 of them. If you do your research you can name many more seasons and players. And not everyone will agree on one fixed answer. In fact, players have asked themselves this question and thus voted out players they felt deserved the win to prevent the outcome.

So to answer the question “Is the winner the most deserving player?” can be open to many different opinions by people who feel differently towards what makes a player deserving in the first place and also if they felt a certain player had done what was possible to obtain the win. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is an opinion. But its also what adds to why survivor is such an amazing show.

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Thank you for reading! Let me know if you agree/disagree and what you would like me to write about.

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