‘Khudi’ is the basic principal of progress.

In edhi’s biography, the most prominent aspect of his progress of life, I found, was “self-awareness” (Khudi). The reason to consider ‘Khudi’ as the most prominent aspect of his life is because it was the principal that led him throughout his life and made him a nobleman and the man of the history. Edhi spended his early life ike a common man.’ Khudi’ was the the principal by which he decided his goals of life.it was the one source through which he understand his existence or purpose to be borned and he made progress in his life promptly . ‘Khudi’ was thing that let him to know what he should do. He made the way of success in the light of principal of ‘Khudi’. His father told him “It is important to think without limitations, confining ideas stunt potential”, it was the message of ‘Khudi’, his father gave him, and he understood it well and practised it in his life. His mother taught him to support and to take care of handicapped people, money had no worth. ‘Khudi’ inspired him to think about his life and he raised many questions in his mind: What I will be, why I have been sent here, to do what? Edhi knew this thing from the early age of his life that he would do some think big in his life. He understood this concept “I can begin small, but why should I think small? He was much realized that he has no resources, as the time being, to do big and extraordinary for the humanity but he was well aware that at least he could think big for the goals he had planned for his life.

I am studying being a student of final year of BSc Civil engineering in UET Lahore. I am holding this position is just because I had set a direction in my life. I realized the importance of ‘Khudi’ and I practised it in my life. I set my priorities to my goals , I worked hard and I got this position. In 9th class exams, my marks were not good I was depressed but my favorite teacher inspired me to work hard and to set a goal in life. I set my goals, I worked hard and I secured good marks in 10th class. My teacher make me realized of my hidden talent and abilities. In intermediate study life, I applied the same principal of ‘Khudi’ and I decided to be a civil engineer. I did this all as the Edhi had done. He set his goals and explored the resources for his achievements. No doubt, he faced a lot of challenges in his life but as he had set a aim in his life to serve the humanity, he remained persistent.

‘Khudi’ or self- knowing is the basic key for the success in the life. First you should defined that what you want to be and for that what you have to do. Once you made your goals clear to you, then you would be able to progress efficiently, focusing at your work. So, ‘Khudi’ or goal setting is the first thing that you need to do than anything else.

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