The memorable day that I had in my life.

Last day of the beautiful journey of Amal fellowship program was memorable and amazing of my life. I learned a lot from fellowship program and enjoyed it throughout the fellowship but the last day was the best one. We arranged the trip to Safari Park and Bahria Town Lahore at 15 May 2016. We gathered in front of National Library UET Lahore at 2:00 pm. Then, we together traveled to Safari Park first and we reached there at 3:30 pm. We saw their animals like lions and tigers. Then we find there Lake and we enjoyed boating about 1 hour almost. Then we performed dance for fun together and captured a bundle of selfies and pictures. Then about 6:00 pm we travelled towards Bahria Town. First we went to Jamia masjid in Bahria town.It is the third largest mosque in Pakistan and seventh largest mosque in the world and its capacity is 800,000 namazis. Its architectural aspects and interior finish design was amazing and wonderful. We spent their 2 hours and then we move towards the Effiel tower of Bahria Town.

Eiffel tower was decorated with lights and it was presenting a nice view in the evening. A lot of people around the Eiffel tower were capturing pictures and enjoying the music. That was a beautiful evening scenery view. Then we finally moved towards the Ravi restaurant and eat there as much as we can because we were much hungry. We captured again a lot of selfies. Then we retuned back about 11:00 pm. This way this remarkable day came to its end with lot of loving memories that we would never forget.

Umar saleem was the overall guider for the trip and Jalil was the guider for Safari park especially for the lake in Safari. We learned to manage the time and to support each other by sharing smiles ,laughs ,jokes and singing. Thanks to Amal team for bringing us such wonderful memories.

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