Mirrors, Pictures and only People can see you.

You think you know yourself!

Here, I’ll be speaking upon a very common thought that relinquishes the fact that we don’t really exist. I mean to say that we hardly know how and why do we exist.

The mirror can see what we can not. Know yourself to that?

Take a picture of your own or just look at the mirror! Done?
Can you prove that it’s you?
Think again!
No, you can’t.
You just believe that it’s you because you have no other choice. We exist only through the mirrors, pictures and through people’s visions.
You know, it’s good to be logical; but it’s not too good to be reasonable.
You just can’t put a question mark upon people who you already know that they know more than you. That’s the reason why I don’t argue with you as it’s anserine for me to contend with people who either know less than me or vice-versa.

You know you can think a lot of things. But, you just can’t prove or disprove anything. Just like your voice, your thoughts are limited too.