Meet the Egyptian Repairman who outranked Google and became an internet sensation!
Eyad Nour

Hi Eyad , this is epic and unbelievable :)
i really think the logically reason is that google treat their site differently in levels of SEO rules and/or algorithmatically

i mean the SEO Rules as we know it not the same inside google sites
so something like adding the local domain for google in your url page in google+ or google map could magically outrank google itself, because it’s for google algorithm still the same site , and that just what you saw i bit it could be blogger or any other google applications that’s accossiated with the main domian

and i don’t think that was an experimental algorithm that gone wrong

i think it was always been there but EL-hag Saber was Morpheus for our matrix :D
but as you say we will never know :)

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