I didn’t know how important cultural diversity was until I moved to Canada. Because, there didn’t live people of other cultures where I grew up. I’m very fortunate to have been in a high ranked multicultural country. I’m glad, I didn’t move to North Korea the least multicultural:)

I try to build the strengths; I see in people around me. For example, the way people appreciate each other during discussion. I know you would ask me “didn’t we appreciate when we had a chat.” Yes, we did but very less often compared to people here. To clarify, the culture I came from, hardly ever used words such as: thank you, sorry, great, awesome, good for you, feel sorry for you, sorry to hear that, etc especially between close friends. I should mention, some of these words were used in formal conversation only.

I have noticed, it’s usually hard to get a long with people from other cultures, but I think that might be in the starting only. It’s because, once you pick that some thing this person usually does, is in fact part of his cultural not the meaning you have for it in your mind. This is where you get to know each other’s culture and discuss the definitions without hesitation. As a result, the company of a culturally diverse individuals would become very interesting. Out of the many strengths I have noticed in this culturally diverse community I have moved to, I will name some of them:

· Time management.

· Not minding other peoples’ business.

· Putting one’s self in another person’s shoes.

· Not being ashamed of any kind of job the person holds.

· Encouragement of kids both at home and at school.

Being part of a cultural diversity is not only important for sharing the strengths, but also important for understanding the weaknesses. It’s obvious, if you were served both strengths and weaknesses to choose from, you would pick the strength and get rid of the weakness. Thus, it would make you culturally strong.

It’s true that every culture has both strengths and weaknesses. As a member of a specific culture one might be able to notice the strengths they have got, but it might be difficult to notice the weaknesses until having observed other cultures. For example, in the culture I have come from, there is a lot more respect for elders especially parents and grand parents. On the other hand, in the culture I have come to, there is a lot more motivation and useful strategies used to raise and educate kids.

Cultural diversity is becoming more approachable these days. With the help of modern technology such as social media and other online contexts. People have access to know the strong points of other cultures far away from them. Meanwhile, they can get rid of the weak points in their own culture.