Mentor is a person, Ideal to you!

Mentor is a person who is very honorable for you and you actually love that person and started following him by keeping in mind his activities and you actually want to be in your future. This doesn’t mean that you only have one person in life as a mentor; it can be more than one as nobody is perfect. You must be very aware to choose his mentor who might be very polite to you, very loyal to his work, give respects to others and love to help other without any concern.

I am provided an opportunity to work at VESTA (Chartered Town Planners) as internee and I love to find my mentor. I used to look over almost everybody and ask about different persons to know about them and then I used to meet them one by one. I get different qualities in different people and finally following above reasons I find my mentor Muhammad Naseer.

When I joined first day, he welcomed me when we meet in break hour on prayers. He asked me about to work hard and gave his mobile number and can ask anytime if face any difficulty. I asked from different people about him and got good response about him.

I got his email from him but ask him face to face that I want to meet him and got time from him after office timing. We met and discuss many things about survival and hard work. He gave me very good ideas starting from a quotation “Life is not a bed of roses” it are very difficult and hard work is only the opportunity for youngster to prove themselves. We also discussed and concluded that 2–3 years in practice is good if we have to get higher studies rather than directly enrolled in higher studies.

I used to learn and recap many things as hard work is the key to success and shortcut never matters a lot for our. We should have smart thinking to solve any problems on which we are asked to solve.

After having a discussion of 15–20 minutes and thank him very much and left him good wishes.

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