What pains and costs are you willing to embrace

I belong to a mediocre family whose living resources are very near to be hand to mouth. My father was a teacher and earned a small package ended even the start of month and whole month we have to struggle to have some resources for livelihood.

My mother wanted that all of our 4 children to get well educated but my father and brother wants to earn something for family. I faced many problems when I was in 7–8 steps about even leaving of school. But my mother worked hard and started to stitch suits and used to work even whole day and many nights to do something for us. I did my metric and got good marks and enrolled in F.Sc. I used to a remote area and college facility is not available there. I used to travel 30 kilometer daily to go to college for my F.Sc education. Somehow I did my F.Sc. Then fortunately when I was admitted in UET Lahore it was very difficult for my family to send me Lahore. My father was not agreeing to send me Lahore to get education. But I inspired from my mother and decided to complete my education. Although I faced many problems during my studies and of course my family also faced the same. But whenever you have to get some big one then you have to do some big for it. That’s why it is very well said that ‘No pain, No gain’.

I am very happy at the end as I have completed my graduation. I am happy that finally I have fulfilled the dream of my mother. Certainly I would not be able to do this if my mother did not sacrifice and I did not keep on my struggles.

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