that’s me. Your favourite community Boy Wonder is too tired even to think of a good subtitle for this piece – that’s how you know it’s for realz.

Maybe it’s old age catching up as I approach the end of my 20s.

Maybe I ain’t immune to the microstresses of pandemic, #stayhome but now yes but now no but here we go, to where we don’t know. In just a bit, I’m gonna copy/paste something I wrote for a team reflection thingy I got everyone to do, unknowingly opening my eyes to some previously invisible load of tiredness I seem…

sometimes you must think so that you don’t have to anymore

These are both exciting and scary times.

That whole thing business / design thinking people love to say about all problems are opportunities? I’m torn between thinking if that is a view coming from a place of privilege or empowerment.

& I guess in the end, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It could be both – maybe only those with resources can truly be empowered. But is that in itself disempowering?

It could be dependent on the problem we’re talking about, or who is facing the problem. …

but first, thoughts on theories and Starting With Why

I loved Start With Why. I also love showing it to people.

And I love that from my first day in Majulah in Dec 2017, all the way to the latest newcomers to the team who started this Monday, watching and reflecting on this video is still literally Day 1 on the job.

In a world almost tragically obsessed with What, these 8 minutes shine a bright light into the much more powerful, emotional core of the Why.

& I won’t lie. It’s impressive, it sticks and I’ve witnessed the clarity of the Golden Circle helping many – myself…

& breaking out of thinking about thinking

It’s not the first time I’m talking about this, and I highly doubt it’ll be the last time. But maybe writing is saying what you have to yourself hear, before anyone else.

I recently found the primary source of the “1000 pots” story that I must have come across so many times before this, on various newsfeeds and groups. I’m hoping reproducing it here in my own writing helps me to tie it down, root it from recognising the truth (damn, that’s true) to believing in it (& this is how I try to live).

From Art & Fear, by…

(and we might not even know it)

A huge part of the gardening process [1], as far as I can tell, consists of:

  1. Taking things out
  2. Putting things in

Seeds into soil. Plastic pieces out of our compost. Water back into soil.

And an awful lot of it seems to be about putting plants in and out of various containers.

H has always been deeply reflective about her love for nature and with the stepping up of her gardening game, there is something – as she puts it – beautiful about being a part of the process.

I’m sure there’ll be time to dig deeper (get it)…

because I wouldnt make rules for everyone, obviously

  1. when you are stressed and/or tired, turning to a) solat, b) the Quran, c) just sitting in the masjid between waktus works. it just does, maybe not for everyone but tor you. you know it, just do it.
  2. fast food is bad for you. specifically, and maybe worst of all, mcspicys.
  3. dissing yourself constantly often feels like fake humility and the truth is you don’t actually enjoy random people thinking you’re bad at __________ so maybe…stop it? it ain’t fun.
  4. journal often. write often. it doesnt matter where, or how. but it’s good for you. just do it, man.
  5. that…

I am reading a book called Bird By Bird that’s not just about writing, but actually makes me want to write. So I will, cos wanting to write makes it much easier (even though true greatness happens when it’s the last thing you’d like to do, but you do it anyway).

She quotes another writer on their Broccoli, after a cute anecdote that the writer is the one who doesn’t eat her broccoli, but listens to her broccoli on how it would like to be eaten.

I’m gonna listen to my SpiritSloth. And my Sloth is “militantly on my side”…

To exist in this world is to accept limitations as a fact of life. You gotta accept them and know them – or spend your days either in despair or dreamland.

I will now proceed to list down as many limitations I have that I can think of. Because this much, I can do. Also because I gotta write more. And because I myself, writing these words, need to accept them first. So here we go:

My time is limited. Not just in the number of hours/minutes/seconds in a day (no more, no less) but the amount I have left…

Two reasons why I got to write this one here: 1) because I might lose it if I write anywhere else, and I hope that years from now, I’ll get to read it again. 2) because I don’t know if in the days to come, as I try to say the things I think and feel about this to the people who matter, it will truly come out the way I’d like it to. …

Enough bullshit. We go again.

This time, with a countdown.

ahmad zaid

Old Person aspires to become New Person.

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