Personal brand

this is my first time publishing something i wrote aside from some facebook posts, i’d aprociate a feedback but please be gentle

personal branding is having your name stand for what you do in a way it’s becoming an authority in your area of expertise, wich means is having your name associated with whatever it is that you do, let’s take for example Richard Branson whenever you hear his name you think of that guy who owns the virgin group, so his name isn’t just his name it’s a brand, he established his authority in his area or in this case areas.
so how does one brand himself actually, it’s easy but it takes time first of all you have to have a strong presence online across many platforms and have as many people know you and know what you do, you can achieve that by constantly posting to social platform and engaging with your follower, and most importantly providing value to them so that they keep following you and share you content

there is four very important things that you must do to create a very successful personal brand wich are: availability, value, consistency, and engagement 
if these four steps are are executed perfectly you brand will grow very big and very quickly.
let’s get into the details of each of these steps, and what you can do right now to start working on your brand.
some of you might think I don’t know what my brand is so how can I grow it? well, you are your brand if you don’t have a business or a passion, wich, in my opinion, is impossible everyone has a passion some have multiple passions or hobbies, just choose one and start.
first start with availability and what this means basically you should be available on different social media apps at least once a day checking it and replying to messages and comments and to name three or four of these platforms that are a must : facebook obviously because it has the most number of people wich increases your chances of being discovers and followed, twitter for fast news feeds and constant updates on what you do and a great way to have a chat with yo so that you know what they want from you, snapchat great way to share your photos or what you’re working on and also engaging with a younger audience and get their attention, Instagram to share your photos you lifestyle… if you are more a video kind of person try periscope for live streaming paired with twitter or vine for those 6 sec videos facebook also has a great streaming service just make sure to choose three or four of these platforms and be available in them at least once a day because it’s impossible to do them all because there are a lot more i didn’t mention.

next step is value, you have to provide some free value to your audience you mustn’t be selling everything at every given moment if you do that people will lose interest in what you do and start ignoring your posts if they didn’t unfollow you already so be sure to give first before you take even if it’s just a free advice, as Garey Vaynerchuk said “ jab jab jab right hook” that means you have to give three times before you ask.
next up is consistency you have to be consistent when posting in social media because there so much stuff competing for our attention if you stop for a while you will be forgotten so consistency is key post at least twice a week and post good content.

lastly is engagement you should always try to reach out for you followers ask them what they want you to do next ask for their opinion on what you’re doing people love to identify with others so use that to your advantage and grow your brand and expand you territory on the web make your name stand for something on the world wide web because that is what branding is al about.