How AI is shaping the future of remote work?

Since the start of the pandemic, lots of people have been working outside of their offices and for some of them, this was the first time they have ever experienced it for such a long period.

Definitely, this is the largest experiment of remote work that have been ever conducted and since there was no other option than making it succeed, a lot of companies have done their best to deeply understand the real needs of the business as well as the conditions under which its employees will stay productive.

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One of the important needs is to maintain a healthy…


At Careem, we believe that our mission is to simplify people’s lives in the region by delivering wowing experiences to solve their different problems.

By uplifting communities, supporting infrastructures, and solving local problems, we strive to be the enabler that improves the lives of millions of people. We understand that only with the help of data and AI-driven tech we can help our region leap-frog its core problems and help it steer its wheel more towards innovation and creativity.

Every day, our platform solves different challenging problems affecting the lives of our users across 120+ cities. These problems start with…

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Recently I posted a job post for a machine learning engineer position in my team. I got a lot of questions from people who are curious to know more about the position itself, how to prepare for it and what kind of problems does it face ?

Data Science vs Machine Learning Engineering

Let’s start by defining the position itself. What is machine learning engineering? Is it a new thing? Does it differ from the so-called sexiest job in the 21st century, the data scientist?

When people invented the term Data Scientist, they were looking for superheroes who excel at the following :

Lots of people argue about the necessity of applying clean code principles and whether spending time on refactoring is an important step of the software development process or just a waste of time.

In this post, I discuss some arguments that discourage spending efforts on cleaning code.

Argument 1 : Writing cleaner classes result in a lot of small classes which makes it harder to see the big picture.

Usually some initial efforts should be exerted to understand and follow the code but do you prefer to read a short cohesive class that is only doing one thing or a…

For the last two years, I have been mainly using *nix OS on daily basis for development. At first, I had Linux and Windows on a dual boot but after some time I didn’t like switching between two OSs to get stuff done even through a virtual machine. I just don’t like using VMs for long time !

Linux may claim that it is adequate for daily usage for non-developers but from my point of view, it is still missing very important productivity apps (and alternatives are very weak and buggy). …

I was recently talking with a friend about big data. We were arguing about the need for big data and whether it is just a hype or a real need for today’s business.

This encouraged me to share these thoughts with you.

Big Data, a hype or a solution ?

In the last couple of years people started to realize the huge amounts of collected data in their backyard and the need to make full use of them.

I recently was attending a workshop where one of the product managers of Wuzzuf was talking about their hard seek to track users’ behaviors and to use the best tools…

Today I was having my lunch in a restaurant while the TV was broadcasting the second half of the match between Man City and Sunderland. I always wondered why some people love european football that much.

For me it is a little bit boring to spend 90 minutes watching a football match unless a very critical one. While thinking and waiting for the food of course ☺, Man City scored its first goal. I wasn’t concentrating so you can say I missed it. I tried to focus a little bit. It was just few minutes until the second amazing goal…

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