Human Ontology in the Ecology of Earth


I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of Stewardship.

During my early teenage years in Bahrain, I noticed the word Khalifa, an Arabic word meaning a “vice-regent” of a higher entity, and in an Islamic context, that of God (, 2019).

What pulled me to the word is the meaning…

The start of a life-long Inquiry

An introduction to my inquiry in Participatory Stewardship.

We, humans of modernity, have sought to become a global culture, through globalization, the internet, and interconnected monolithic cityscapes. We long to connect, to understand and learn from one another. There is great wealth in this global cultural exchange that humanity is…

Schumacher College, MA Ecological Design Thinking

Module 3 Assignment | Social and Political Economy: From System Maintenance to System Transformation

What is our situation

In the wake of our current economic and ecological instability, we (the human species) are confronted with a deep questioning of the way we interact and create together, along with our fellow Earth’s inhabitants and systems…

Schumacher College, MA Ecological Design Thinking,

Module 1 Assignment: Talking with the dead and walking in their shadows

Alexander von Humboldt in his library in Berlin, 1856. Watercolor drawing by Eduard Hildebrant


As with any exploration, one must start with the context. In this script, the exploration starts as myself in a projection of Alexander von Humboldt’s dream. Within his character in this script, is his curiosity at the start…

Ahmed Buasallay

wander the world and wonder, it’s mysterious.

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