Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch is defined as a brief summary of your portfolio as presented to potential employer in a around 30–60 seconds. It is analogous to trailer of a movie and is considered an integral part of in-person CV drop or your first introduction with a hiring manager.

So, in order to practice it beforehand, i jotted down my own elevator pitch. After refinement, i called a previous Amal fellow (Shakeel Ahmad) to have a second opinion about it.

The experience was good as he pointed out a very critical flaw about the tone that it felt like a memorized script. I wasn’t aware of it as it seemed fine to me in recordings and during practice. However i think this is because i was trying to fit my conversation into 45 second window, so talked haphazardly.

Nevertheless, i have further practiced it and tried to keep calm while keeping it timed . Hoping to improve it and effectively use it in the near future.