Exploring life purpose of your network

Conversing with people over abstract topics paves way for an extended thinking. There is no better or fast way to gain knowledge than collaboration. Same goes for finding your passion in life and you can change or enhance your goal by taking inspiration.

Various life purposes

At first, people say that they have a goal of leading a life of ease and comfort and luxury by gaining a lot of wealth but after sometime they want to improve the world one way or the other. Most of my acquaintances told me that they want to improve the situation of corruption in Pakistan by contributing their skills in an honest manner in whatever job position they are or will be while some people were not clear and they thanked me for giving them a point to think about.


By listening to their views, i came to know that the basic desires of a human beings are same and we all share the same fantasies. The only way to get those is however possible by collaboration only.

Matching with my “why”

I was surprised to see how many people shared my opinion. They were all sick of the rampant broken pieces in the system of our society and wanted to contribute their part.

What is my “why”

I deeply care about the current state of our country. In order to survive in the world, the current goods of exchange are technology and innovations while still, our major exports are raw materials and low tech products. As a chemical engineer, i don’t see or know any significant equipment designing going on apart from a very few companies. So, in the long term, i want to establish a company or platform in which i can contribute to this need and give the opportunity to other people within country as well.