Modern World- Full of possibilities

In order to understand our surroundings better, we humans rely on constant outside stimuli. We intentionally put our minds under stress and thus gather and connect information. This is the learning process and its one of the biggest mysteries of human brain.

All animals are programmed by biology and they do all their tasks according to instructions in their DNA. Of course, they evolve and grow. But humans are very different. We just don’t rely on biology to guide us and can actually develop ways and enhance our lives through developed methods of writing and communication.

However, we still haven’t figured out how to make learning a less daunting process? You have experienced it in some form or another. Scared of opening that calculus book, that laziness which comes only when you are asked to go outside the house.

I am no different either and go to extreme lengths to avoid as much as i can from putting a slightest strain on my brain.

Fortunately, we haven’t given up on finding the solutions and there is a lot of research going on by neuroscientists and behavioral experts. There is no shortage of advice on internet either and mostly its free. I came across this course “Learning how to learn” by Barbara Oakley courtesy of Amal Academy and it has some very nice and useful tips.

I personally like the chunking of tasks and going into diffused mode since these have an excellent tendency to reduce the mental stress that comes from approaching a problem. I combined them with pomodoro technique and was able to compel myself to do tasks that i once deemed impossible due to amount of mental motivation needed.

So, learning is now demystified for me. In future, i am going to apply these techniques and hopefully reduce my mental stress.

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