Learning from the past sacrifices

To get something, you need to lose something at least partially . Even when a thing feels free, it is paid by someone else you don’t know or recognize. Thus, the progress is only made when some serious work is done.

Looking back into past reminds you of how you achieved success and become what you are today. It also provides motivation for tasks ahead. So, after dusting off my memory, i found a few things /acts that helped me.

Connecting the dots back tells me that patience compelled my to try one more time whenever i began to lose hope so i listened and became a high scorer from a very average student. Empathy guided me how to be in someone else’s shoes and explain well to other people and led to performing best in group projects. That of course came after i pushed my mental limits on hard work, emotional stress and squished my time.

I am sure there are many other maneuvers that i have made which are under the truck load of other memories in my brain. It is useful to recall them to know that i am still that same person and can do that great stuff again.

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